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Our Story

Pūre Organics considers CBD to be the most important wellness discovery of our generation which is why we are so excited to be a leading producer of quality CBD products. The world surrounding CBD is full of exciting breakthroughs and studies that are constantly changing, but the rush to bring products to consumers bypassed an important step: quality control. Independent investigations have uncovered staggering inconsistencies in the purity and safety of most of the CBD available today. Pūre Organics mission is to deliver a line of luxury products to consumers that they can trust.

Our CBD begins in the Colorado plains as USDA certified organic hemp plants. Those plants are then dried so that their nutrient-rich CBD can be harvested using the cleanest-known method called “CO2 extraction.” That is where pressurized carbon dioxide cold presses the CBD out of the plant without the use of any caustic chemicals and doesn’t leave behind any harmful byproducts.

What results from the extraction is the finest full-spectrum organic CBD available anywhere. “Full-spectrum” means that it is minimally processed and contains all the valuable cannabinoids that are necessary for what is known as “the entourage effect.” That simply means that all the vital compounds in our CBD work harmoniously to deliver the most benefit to the user. This includes a trace amount of THC (less than 0.3%), the amount allowed by the government. But don’t worry, our products will not get you “high.” And our CBD is independently lab-tested for purity and safety.

Now, it is your turn to invest in your health and decide how you want to utilize the extraordinary power of the best-quality CBD on the market by choosing one of Pūre Organics tinctures, capsules, edibles, beauty products, or pet treats.