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Is all CBD the Same?

No. Unfortunately because of a lack of regulation, most of the CBD available on the market is unreliable and can include fillers, impurities, and other junk that is detrimental to consumer’s well-being. 

So what makes Pūre Organics so special?

Our CBD comes from certified organic hemp plants grown right here in America. It is then processed in the cleanest way possible using carbon dioxide (CO2). This method uses no caustic chemicals and leaves behind no harmful byproducts. And just to make sure, our CBD is independently lab-tested to ensure its quality. Check out our labsheets on our product pages to verify our product. 

What makes a CBD product high-quality?

  • USDA certified organic American-grown hemp
  • Clean CO2 extraction process
  • Independent testing for purity and safety
  • Clear labeling of ingredients and strength
  • Company transparency