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First Resoponders Discount

Pūre Organics First-Responders Discount

At Pūre Organics, we believe that First-Responders are the backbone of our communities. We would like to honor their sacrifices with a discount available to police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. We hope with this discount that one of our premium CBD products will be able to offer much needed support to our wonderful First-Responders.

How it Works

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Create an account or sign-up on our first responder affiliation page to retrieve and use your discount.


Follow the instructions to verify your affiliation (Documentation may be required).


to your affiliation account and retrieve your discount code.

to your affiliation account and retrieve your discount code.

How can First-Responders benefit from CBD?

First-Responders can benefit from Pūre Organics CBD products in many ways. Our CBD is portable, can be taken any time of day on an as-needed basis, and may support calm and balance for people in stressful situations. We offer a variety of delivery systems so you can get your daily dose of CBD in whatever way best suits your needs and habits. Our CBD oils are efficient and can be mixed into your favorite beverage or simply placed under the tongue. Our edibles are some of the highest-rated and best-tasting on the market. And our topicals are great for bringing relief to athletes and the fitness-minded, which we know all First-Responders are.

We suggest you use our Product Finder if you are unsure what CBD product is right for you. Then enjoy your First-Responders discount when you buy any of our products.