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CBD for Beginners

New to CBD? Pūre Organics is here to help! If you have searched through all the tabs in our helpful Learn section and you still have questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email and make sure that you utilize our convenient product finder. Our goal is to help you along in every step of your CBD wellness journey. That begins with providing you some useful information about CBD and then making a few product suggestions to get you started.

How do I choose the right product?

That depends on your preferences. Remember, the CBD strength you choose is not proportional to your height and weight. We suggest that you begin with a single serving of the lowest strength and then work your way up until you achieve your desired results.

What delivery method should I choose?

That also depends on you. Some people prefer the ease of using one of our tinctures and some like the convenience of our soft gels. Our products are designed to address all of your CBD needs and are easily incorporated into your daily wellness routine.

What should I expect from CBD?

CBD is so versatile that your experience with it is going to depend on your choices and your wellness goals. Some people use CBD for the general sense of calm it provides them and some people use CBD to target problem areas, such as athletes who use our topical CBD to enhance their training.

This is why we suggest that you start slow once you have chosen the proper delivery method. That way you can find out for yourself how CBD affects you, and then after a few weeks of use, you can adjust your dosage accordingly.

Check out below for some great product suggestions for beginners compiled by our Pūre Organics team!